What Defines Foodhub?

We are a family of gadget junkies, computer freaks and tech wizards, who love innovation and technology just like people love their morning coffee. We are the game-changers who can have an endless conversation on everything tech and are also the ones who can beat you in a FIFA game, rightfully so. We are constantly evolving and believe in customer satisfaction more than anything else. We look for inspiration in unexpected places and invite ideas from one and all. Which is why, every time we achieve a goal, everyone wins, and our next step is to aim for more.

Taking the Leap with Ardian Mula, CEO Foodhub

Every now and then you hear stories about businesses that made people's life easy. But once in a while, you stumble upon a story that not only inspires but is also a symbol of change.

The story of Foodhub is one of them.

It all began when a young and dynamic computer specialist had a brilliant idea! Ardian started his career in computing from a very young age. He was so passionate about working in IT, that despite being busy in full-time education, he started a part-time job fixing computers on the weekends. What started as a hobby, slowly turned into a business. In no time, the team grew to 4 people and it was time to find an office space. During that time, one of his clients asked him to design a website that would allow people to place food orders online. Ardian saw an amazing opportunity. That was the moment that set Ardian on the path to creating the Foodhub that we all know today.

Ardian Mula, CEO, Foodhub
T2S Software Quotes

How do we succeed?

Passion Creates Innovation

  • Find new solutions to problems.
  • Be proactive and take ownership.
  • Think, create, test, repeat.

Stay Driven

  • Be a catalyst for change
  • Focus on results over process
  • Motivate yourself and teammates

One for all, all for one.

  • Work as one team, one goal.
  • Maintain an open, honest and friendly environment
  • Be inclusive and approachable

All eyes on future

  • Dream big. Achieve big
  • Be up-to-date with industry trends.
  • Stay curious. Stay creative.

Never forget to have fun

Our Vision

T2S Software Vision

To welcome new markets and new opportunities and lead the takeaway market with innovative and disruptive solutions.

Why choose us?

The building blocks of our success

We believe that the culture of an organisation reflects its personality. Which is why when each of us looks in the mirror, we see a strong team that works collaboratively to build innovative, smarter, and meaningful solutions on a global scale, while having a blast during a happy hour. We love our startup mindset and vibrant culture, and we feel immense pride in being a fun and progressive workspace that does things differently.

But you don't have to take our words for it. You might want to take theirs.


Based on what they just said, you get

A friendly workforce spread across UK, Egypt, China, Europe, and India.

A chance to have a healthy work-life balance.

(We got you here. Didn't we?)

New challenges every day to explore your potential.

(We like the sight of you swimming on your own)

Many opportunities to unleash your creative side.

(Believe it or not, your alter ego is a genius!)

Hierarchy is a thing of the past

(Be your own boss)

Our philosophy - Work hard, play harder.

(Did you see how we emphasised playing?)

Opportunities to build a long-term career path.

(All the way to success)

Frequent Team Lunches

(Many times for no reason at all!)

Movie nights, happy hour nights, indoor fun activities, and outings


Success has its perks


Competitive Pay


Flexible working hours


Smart Casuals


Team Events & outings


Medical Insurance


Free Refreshments


Transparent Appraisal process


Monthly appreciation and rewards


Enhanced Paternity/Maternity Program

Success is a ladder. Keep climbing!

Domain training sessions

Self-improvement Training sessions

Professional development classes

Reimbursement of professional Certification/Courses

A note from the Founder

"Today, we are one of the UK's major players in the competitive EPOS software and online ordering solution market, serving the restaurant and takeaway industry. And the reason we have seen this explosion in growth and success is due to our commitment to deliver product excellence, constant innovation to develop cutting-edge technology and the faith in investing in people who are willing to work towards one common dream.

We are a big family, stretched across continents and nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing more members join our family. So, why not come and see what makes us 'US'?"

-Ardian Mula

Currents Openings

We like a fresher’s giddiness as much as that confident walk of an experienced aspirant. We are looking at hiring people with talent, a go-getter attitude and someone who has team player skills. So, if you think you are a right fit, come, blow us away because your ticket to success is just a click away.


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